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The industrial Internet of Things Summit will revolutionize, transform & create business opportunities for industries to become connected to an extent that has never been possible before. The Internet of Things is creating a new world, a quantifiable and measureable world, where people and businesses can manage their assets in better informed ways. By sensing our surrounding environment, the IIOT will create many practical improvements in our world, increasing our convenience, health and safety, while at the same time improving energy efficiency and comfort. The IIOT Summit will be a new source of wealth creation. Several IIOT-enabled services will be transformational, driving impacts by connecting different elements of various industries together in new ways.
“IIOT Summit India 2017” scheduled on the 26 & 27 October in Mumbai. The summit will bring together governing bodies, IIOT ecosystem including hardware, services, software and. It will cover development areas and future of IIOT in India including Smart Cities, Wearables, Design applications, enablers, Industrial IIOT, data analytics. It will be supported by conferences, business meetings, startup showcase and investors insights. It is the India’s premier business platform to enhance knowledge, share ideas, networking and plan for future.
We TraiCon proudly host the “IIOT Summit India 2017 scheduled to take place on 26 & 27 October in Mumbai. This two day platform has been developed to provide all the participating organizations with an exclusive insight into the IIOT Markets.
This summit will provide all the participating organizations with an excellent opportunity to meet, network, exchange ideas and come up with real-time solutions to some of the region’s most pressing issues.
We at Traicon request all the Regional Experts, Government Authorities, Key Stake Holders involved in the upcoming IIOT Projects and IOT Solution Providers to actively participate in this summit that focuses on "Internet of Things (IIOT) which will revolutionize, transform & create business opportunities for industries which will provide a Sustainable & More Diverse Economy.”
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