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Bumpy road always lead to the beautiful destination. People think, only few get started! Ideas, Passion, prototype, launch, funding, take off. A startup is an idea which needs much planning for final action with an outcome of achievement. And yes the board that hangs over the startup people heads reads” Risk Ahead”. Nothing comes easy and the enthusiasm, new ideas, skills, opportunity along with a drive to take the tough road to the finish line that spells success is what it takes for a startup team.

Why Exhibit ?

  • Gain direct access to decision-makers.
  • Showcase your line of products and recent innovations.
  • Elevate your company’s brand: We will take care of your complete branding and marketing and you can rest assured. to meet the right buyers at your booth and at the Summit.
  • You would have the opportunity to share your knowledge with the attending delegates and try to gain maximum mileage by speaking to the interested buyers.

Why Visit ?

  • Evaluate competing solutions across every product category.
  • Discover new, more cost-effective solutions to existing processes.
  • Test drive the latest products and experience live demonstrations.
  • Book in face-to-face appointments with key suppliers.


  • Get expert advice on the specific challenges faced by your business..
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging or changing trends.
  • Network with your peers from across the country and around the world.
  • Listen to insightful keynotes from thought-leaders and innovators.


  • Face-to-face access to and expected more than 250 attendees with direct purchasing and referral power.
  • Numerous traffic builders on the exhibit floor throughout the conference.
  • Multiple promotional and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Strong decision maker representation.
  • Plenty of opportunity for high-level, quality interaction with attendees.

What will you learn by attending the workshop.

  • What “the Internet of Things” means and how it relates to Cloud computing concepts.
  • How open platforms allow you to store your sensor data in the Cloud.
  • The basic usage of the Arduino environment for creating your own embedded projects at low cost.
  • How to connect your Arduino with your Android phone.
  • How to send data to the Internet and talk to the Cloud.
  • How to update sensor readings on Twitter (Social Networking Sites).
  • Control a Relay Switch by texting from your Phone.

For more information on participation in this workshop contact

Shyuj Kumar


+91 89048 42043

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